Isolated Room

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Avery and her family had a small vacation at this beautiful rest house at the beach and everything had been absolutely awesome. The next morning though as she woke-up and remembered they were on vacation, she quickly stood-up. But the moment she looked around she realized her entire family was not around. Maybe they went to the beach already and she was the last one there? Well that, but unfortunately even their things were all gone!

Avery quickly became very concerned then for she thought she might be have been left there by her family! But in her mind that is never possible, why? Well they can’t just leave here there and not even by accident. Maybe this is a prank? Well that is the most likely explanation and she hopes that is the correct one, for if this is something else then she might not know what to do then. Escape players, imagine you are in the shoes of Avery here and you are facing this weird situation she is in now which, she must solve. Will you be able to get this done too? Maybe getting out of the house there at least so some questions can be answered? Go ahead then, find items around the rooms there that can help for in the case of Avery here, she isn’t really a handyman for these kinds of stuff.

Isolated Room is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Isolated Room

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