Isolated Base Escape Game

Isolated Base Escape

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In the old complex, there is a secret room there that Allan and his friends uses as some sort of secret base way back years ago. And now that Allan returned home from being away for quite a while, he wishes to visit the place again. The complex looks very neglected now, same as always and the rooms there aren't very much empty as well. Allan wondered why the place wasn't even repaired or anything, but guess it's a bit of a good thing for he can visit the place and see it again. Well what Allan did not know however, he will experience both good and bad in there especially in their said secret base.

Allan saw the room where they have been before and it hadn't changed much, except it has a lot more dust though and everything just brought back memories. As Allan stayed there for a few minutes, he realized something and that's he could not open the doors of the place any longer! Allan didn't know what happened, but because he is alone there and no help will be coming, he is really on his own. Escape players, Allan now needs help here for the place doesn't seem to be friendly anymore. Will you help him escape and quickly before another thing happens?

Isolated Base Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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