Island Sea Shell Escape Game

Island Sea Shell Escape

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To celebrate Michelle's success back at the office, she treated herself a getaway vacation to sea shell island! She doesn't know why the place is called sea shell island for she didn't ask, maybe the entire place is shaped like a seashell? Or sea shells are numerous in the place which actually wasn't even a lot. Michelle was given by the staff the place where she will be staying in and there to relax in the serene ambiance. Finally, this is really an achievement for her and she is definitely going to enjoy every minute of it. But then something happened for Michelle lost her keys to her room and she knows she hadn't left it there, maybe it fell from her grasp while she was heading to the coast? If so, then she just hopes it didn't fall on the forest path of the island, she'll definitely have a hard-time looking for it there.

Michelle needs to find that key soon for she needs to change, asking help from the staff was the last on her list for she might get fined and another factor is that it's embarrassing. Escape players, will you help Michelle here with her problem on sea shell island?

Island Sea Shell Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Mirchigames.

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