Island King Escape Game

Island King Escape

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The island located in the middle of the sea even though small, it has its own kingdom which are made of aboriginals and they have lived there happily for generations. Through the years, Donald have been visiting their small native kingdom to bring in stuff that will make their lives easier, the first he arrived in the place was when he was a castaway and managed to get himself there through a small buoy, he was treated as a peculiar prisoner but then after under a year the people are now his friends. Donald left the place with honor and from then he  had been coming back continuously, but that day however something was wrong in the island and it so happens Donald arrived as it was happening.

The people of the island are scrambling for their king had gotten in some trouble and they needed help, they are very thankful that Donald arrived and of course he offered his help in any way he can. Escape players, Donald is not at all an expert in the native's language and that's why he still doesn't know exactly what happened to their king who had now become a close friend, but Donald is going to go on a rescue still, will you join him? Prepare yourself then and be very careful.

Island King Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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