Island Helicopter Escape Game

Island Helicopter Escape

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Island Helicopter Escape is the online escape game released by Xtra Gamingz. Assume in this game you were a passenger of a ship which had been roaming the oceans of the world for weeks. You had booked this journey as a gift for your wife for your tenth wedding anniversary. The days on the ship passed well, you became acquainted with lots of new friends while you just relaxed on the top of the ship where the pools were situated. One day a heavy storm approached toward you. The captain ordered all of the guests to take on the life vest and get ready if it was necessary to leave the ship with the emergency boats. Suddenly a lightning hit the ship and it started to sink. You jumped into one boat with your wife and drifted away from the sinking ship. The next morning the waves casted you to shore on an uninhabited island. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to be rescued fom there. Good luck!



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