Island Beach Escape Game

Island Beach Escape

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Island Beach Escape is the newest point and click island escape game from Avm Games. Enjoy everyone and good luck on the beach town escape with us!

Veronica went into a coastal town for a vacation and she heard that the place was wonderful, as she arrived in there tthough, that's where she realized that it definitely was and quite peaceful as well. There were all of this old wooden house everywhere and ahead of it was a beautiful beach. Veronica was absolutely captivated by the place and everything there had stolen her to the point that she almost decided not to go home. Throughout the days, Veronica had really made all of the time available to her on this vacation, but well some good things must come to an end however, and for Veronica, that's her vacation to be finally over.

Veronica packed-up her bags and was moving out of the area for home, but well she realized however that it's going to be hard for she could no longer find the way back! It seems that Veronica is really being pulled by the beach here in, well she still needs to get back and that should be before when the sun goes down. Escape players, try the beach escape here with Veronica, use the best of your skills and logic for a fun as well as a successful escape. Have fun!

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