Invite Twins To Thanksgiving Party Game

Invite Twins To Thanksgiving Party

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Invite Twins To Thanksgiving Party is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule for more dose of adventures here with us. Have fun!

A few members of Michael's family had accepted the invitation to spend thanksgiving with him at his home, great now this is going to go smoothly. Well except for one thing, for when he sent the invitation to his cousins who were twins, instead of receiving confirmation that they will come, he received a message that they were in-trouble and is in-need of help! Michael then became concerned for not only that their area is remote, it is not easy to get to thanks to the terrain and the distance. Well Michael still decided that he is going to go help them for there is still enough time to prepare for thanksgiving as long as he leaves now.

Michael's cousins were trapped in their own home and they have been trying to escape from the place for a few days now! The last chance of help they got was the mailman who took their mail but they missed him! For they were both asleep when the man came and took their missive. That is some bad-luck they have there, but at least the message was sent and now Michael is on the move for them. Escape players, Michael needs to get to his cousins' house so he can get them out safely. Care to try this rescue and see if you can make it as well? Good luck!


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