Intergalactic Spaceship Escape Game

Intergalactic Spaceship Escape

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Come and join us on this interstellar space odyssey here plus, try to solve a problem there as well. Intergalactic Spaceship Escape is a brand new point and click space escape game from 365 Escape.

Through generations of traveling through the black abyss of space, humans aboard the intergalactic generation spaceship had gone accustomed to sustainable life provided by the vessel, they aim to get into orbit around another highly confirmed habitable world and the journey might end another century later. As one of the crew who works at the master's room of the ship, Shaw must be automatically awakened every 10 years from cryostasis for routine check-up of the ship and or if some warning comes-up from auto which declares an imminent threat to the entire gen-ship.

Through the course of it's entire history, Shaw had already awakened from stasis at least 5 times already and he is pretty old now except that his body remained as it were when it left Earth. But one Earth day however, he was awakened due to a warning which states that a rouge comet field had been detected and is heading straight right for them! It's very mysterious why the other crew especially the captain hadn't left stasis, for this is a very dangerous threat indeed but there's no time now, Shaw must do something so they can steer clear of the field and maybe even use some energy weapons to blast a way through. Escape players, what would you do if you're faced with the same situation with Shaw? Try this challenge then and be wise.

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