Inside Wooden Hut Escape Game

Inside Wooden Hut Escape

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The wooden hut near Roldan's house is one old structure, it stands there empty and innocent but in actuality, the place is already there way before when his house was still being constructed. Some stories were even astonishing, for that house was said to have been built a hundred years ago! And yet the structure still stands even though it looks rickety. What is that thing made of anyways? Pondered Roldan, that's why he went to check-out the place one day for he had nothing to do and maybe he can find something interesting in there which he hadn't spotted yet.

Roldan enters the room and he finds nothing, he continued to investigate but still no gold. He wasn't really looking for treasure, but he just hopes he'll find something which can interest him. Well he will indeed find something in there, and that is himself being trapped in the place! Roldan could no longer open the doors for the thing is locked! He kicked it a bunch of times but it still wouldn't open. That is some door, but he is more concerned of who locked it now for he is all alone in there, or maybe? Escape players, what will you do if you are faced with the same situation as Roldan's? Come and give this escape adventure a try then!

Inside Wooden Hut Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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