Inside The Secret Place Escape Game

Inside The Secret Place Escape

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Beneath the abandoned building, there is another abandoned place but the difference between the two however, is that the underground one is actually a secret. Leone came to the area one day for he was searching for places to renovate and turn it into his new warehouse, he owns a huge freight business and every 5 years or so he needs new spaces to stack heavy cargo boxes for the pier can get pretty crowded when maximum capacity comes. That search of his however, became something different for he just discovered that underground room and it looks like the place is hiding some pretty valuable secrets.

Leone tried his best to get info from the secret place he found, but the puzzles there which are keeping its secrets hidden is really making things quite difficult. Escape players, Leone needs help in uncovering something here, will you join him as well on this adventure so your curiosity can also be filled? Go ahead and give it a go then, place yourself on the shoes of Leone and be careful, for there might be traps in the place.

Inside The Secret Place Escape is the newest point and click underground escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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