Injury Lawyer Escape

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You’re a steward in a flight. You’ve been flying to different countries for almost 5 years now. And you’re very skilled when it comes to handling various situations. However, this flight is one you’ve never been on. The day started just like any ordinary day. The passengers were boarding the plane one by one. But it was surprising to see only a few people boarding. You’re in a big plane and the number of passengers entering just doesn’t make sense. And then the plane was getting ready for take off. After the take off, you walked around to check on the passengers. You saw someone struggling with something. But when you approached him, everything went black. It seems like you were out for quite a while. When you opened your eyes, the passenger left is a wounded lawyer. You talked to him a little before approaching the stranger.

You asked him what happened. However, it seemed like you’ve been in the same situation. When you asked him if this had something to do with your case. He said he suspected the same. And then you noticed that the short flight was taking longer than it should have. The lawyer still had a case to attend to. So you decided to help plane get back to its right direction. Play Injury Lawyer Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape.

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