Ingenuous Girl Rescue

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Just near the royal castle, there is a place that is quite a bit scary and nobody really goes there, well except for one girl however who was the youngest daughter of the king. This girl is of course one of the princesses, but she was more like a scientist or an adventurer than royalty. She would go to that scary place and find just about anything interesting in the place, that made her inquisitive and her intellect impressive. The king is not really too keen with her going there, but he isn’t too strict however on the wishes of her daughters, so he doesn’t forbid her to go there as long as she has guards with her at all times. And one of those guards was Aaron, little did he know that he’ll have to work extra that day for the princess finally needed desperate help on her adventures!

Aaron was just nearby when the princess entered the scary place again, he was composed and all waiting for the princess to come-out. Well the end point is he was the one who is going to be entering the place for he heard the princess scream! Aaron thought okay, it has now begun and he will get in real trouble if the princess here gets into a serious problem which one they cannot fix. Escape players, imagine playing as Aaron here, see what happened to the princess and really rescue her here from what’s troubling her now.

Ingenuous Girl Rescue is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Palani Games.