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Infant Escape

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Being a baby has a lot of perks. First, you don't have to do much anything for yourself. The adults will take care of you and provide all of your needs. You can also chill any time of the day. In fact, you only play. eat, sleep and repeat. However, there are also downsides about this. You don't have any authority and you don't have a voice to do what you want. Because of that, you often do thing that you like on your own. Little did they know, infants have also lots of things that they can do. Just like, you can sneak out whenever you want to go out. However, you must go back to you room before it's bedtime. That time is almost there so you have to escape from this place quickly so you can go back to your room on time.

You don't want anybody to know that you can do things like this because they might limit you. So, you have to be quick and look for clues that can help you to escape fast as you can. Infant Escape is a brand new[point and click outdoor escape game from 8n Games. Best of luck!

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