Indoor Basketball Court Escape Game

Indoor Basketball Court Escape

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To other people, the indoor sports complex is like a kid's playroom for them but for some, the place is really not a nice one for they are scared of getting hit by the ball! That includes Janette who is really not sporty, but she decided that day she'll face this fear for it's the simplest one she can do for now, that's why she is in the sports complex at the moment picking a sport. Janette thought maybe she can start with playing tennis against the wall? And gradually elevating from sport to sport. Janette has her plan now, but there was a problem however and her stay there turned different, for she is now trapped in the place!

Janette have no idea where she is now, all she knows is she seems to be in the volleyball and basketball area. She had already asked for help but because she came alone and there seems to be nobody in the place at the moment, she is on her own there! Escape players, Janette needs help here and it's unfortunate already that the rooms are close to empty, if she is indeed trapped there then she can't use anything in-order to escape. Find-out what's happening there now so you'll know exactly where to hit the problem.

Indoor Basketball Court Escape is another new point and click rooms escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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