Indoor And Outdoor 13 Game

Indoor And Outdoor 13

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You quite have a lot of free time in your hands yet you can't really decide where to spend it. You want to feel the sunshine outside yet you also want to spend your time indoor. Just as when you are about to stand in your doorway to feel the sun yet still be inside, you see something moving among the junks you're keeping. You stand still hoping you're just seeing things. However, more movements happen making you step out to check it out. After going near the source of the movement, everything falls silent. It seems like nothing happened at all. But your curiosity is already piqued. And you can't just sit still while a mystery is hanging around your property. So you end up going through the things hoping to find something that will make sense. Then again, what you're finding are things that connect your past.

Instead of going through the things quickly, you end up taking your time to examine each. And with each examination, your mind travels back to the time you interacted with the objects the most. Some of them makes you smile, others make you sigh. But a loud clang brings you back to your senses and to the things you need to find. Play Indoor and Outdoor 13 outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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  1. Date: December 29, 2018
    Author: sally
    I did it lol

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