Inactive Dozy Escape Game

Inactive Dozy Escape

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Dan just got captured by a crime group for they needed something from him! Dan had dealt with them before and he knows that once he gets captured by them again he knows he is doomed. Dan is the only one who knows where that book is which the crime group wants, it's in a compound and none of the group knows where exactly it is in the rooms there, they won't even proceed to it for something is in the place and it's a formidable beast! Dan have no idea about the beast at first until he was told, still they want Dan to get the book for that thing is very important.

Okay, Dan is doomed in both ways, but even with facing the beast and retrieving the book he still has a chance to live, and he'll take that for he knows he'll be dealt with by the gang after he gets them what they wanted. Maybe he'll find the book and escape another way from the place. Escape players, the mission here is filled with dangers on different sides, but there could be one that's safest which Dan can safely pass through. Want to join Dan here and see if you can give him a hand with the retrieval and escape?

Inactive Dozy Escape is another new point and click retrieval escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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