Impulse 01 Game

Impulse 01

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Try your best on this escape adventure here in a remote and peaceful village. Impulse 01 is a brand new point and click area escape game released by 5n Games for more fun escapes to try here everyday!

Lowe always had this impulse even when he was just a kid and it's like a feeling he has at random times, what happens after however wasn't good for there will always be someone who is in-need of serious help. The worst thing he witnessed before just right after his impulse triggered was someone needing a rescue for that person happened to walk-by an open manhole! If it wasn't for Lowe's impulse, that could have potentially ended him for his calls from the hole wasn't audible.

Nowadays, Lowe lives peacefully in the village with simple whereabouts. But one morning, he woke-up due to his impulse! He never really thought it would be back because for a long time, it got silent. After that feeling, Lowe went outside to check what's going-on or what will happen, and there he saw that the place was empty of people! The village was like an abandoned one and he called but nobody would answer, where could have the people gone? Maybe they left for something and now he was the one who is in-need of help. Escape players, Lowe does not understand what's going-on, but because he was warned by his impulse he must leave for it had never been wrong before. Join Lowe here everyone, find your way out of the village and seek answers afterwards.

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