Impressive Residence Escape

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The luxurious house here is very close now to a duke or a duchess’ castle thanks to how big and roomy it is plus the designs are absolutely beautiful. That evening, Emily was in the place for she was invited there for a dinner. A close friend owns the house and even though they are friends, Emily is still in awe of how big the place was and her friend doesn’t really look too rich, well guess looks can be deceiving and she was humble too.

Emily asked her friend if she can look around for a moment for she was definitely in awe, she was allowed while her friend takes care of some business outside in their huge garden. As Emily was looking around though, she started to realize how its like a maze in there, she thought she can easily get lost there if she is not careful, well little did she know that is exactly what’s going to happen to her and because she doesn’t know where to go to get to familiar grounds or to her friend, she doesn’t have help at all! Escape players, imagine you are Emily here and you really can’t run around and scream there for you just got lost in your friend’s gigantic house, you need to keep your composure and think. Will you be able to get outside at least so you can maybe start over?

Impressive Residence Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Big Escape Games.

Walkthrough video for Impressive Residence Escape


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