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Immature Boy Escape

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Boys are so spontaneous. They think that they can do anything and sometimes, this makes them immature. Your friend challenged you to break into someone's house. And of course, you would do anything bizarre and you think that it would be cool to do that so you went for it! You discovered lots of cool items inside the house and it was so fun to roam around. But the fun ended when you realized that you can't open the door. It has a lock from outside. You peeked at the window to ask a help from your friend but he already left. He also got scared to be caught and that makes him immature.

Now, you are both immature but you still consider yourself more mature than him. You know that you can to this on your own. You must collect the objects from the house that you can use to open the door. The challenge is, you have to be careful and you have to escape before the owner comes home. If you get caught, you will surely be in trouble. Play Immature Boy Escape room escape game from Ajaz Games and escape as fast as you can. Good luck!

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