Ice Diving Escape Game

Ice Diving Escape

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It was an item in your bucket list. And for most of the things you tried out, it was from your bucket list. You want to cross out every item as much as possible. However, sometimes instead of giving fun, it gave you stress. Since you had a list, you were pressured to complete all of them. But you still wanted to do everything you listed there. And one of them was ice diving. You have only tried shallow diving in the sea. But this one needed a lot of training and practice. Surprisingly, you were good at it. You easily understood and followed the things to do. Your trainer asked you to try it out in the icy environment. You were worried but he promised to keep an eye on you. So you entered the water. In the corner of your eye, you saw your trainer diving with you.

You felt relieved and more confident to move around. After a few minutes, you saw some bubbles a few distance away from you. You went closer to the bubbles and saw your trainer's mask. You panicked and instantly wanted to be out of the water. However, you couldn't find the way out of the cave. Play Ice Diving Escape room escape game by Free Room Escape.

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