Ice Cream Parlor Escape Game

Ice Cream Parlor Escape

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Erin remembered that she had been to the ice cream shop but as strange as it can be, her memory was cut there and when she became conscious, she found herself in the said ice cream shop but the difference now is that the place is empty of people and the doors are locked! Erin was stumbling just to figure-out what was going-on, but she only found-out more weird things like the doors being mysteriously locked and no matter how hard she tried to escape, she couldn't, among other things as well which makes the situation a lot worst. What happened anyways? Will she still be able to escape?

Erin is going to do what she can so she may escape and find-out then what happened and why there's no people in the shop. Escape players, want to join in the escape here and see if you can make it out easily? Place yourself on the situation of Erin here then and by doing so escaping without destroying anything or risk having a case concerning destruction of property. Ready yourselves now and stay alert as well.

Ice Cream Parlor Escape is the newest point and click shop escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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