Hyena Family Escape Game

Hyena Family Escape

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There is a family of hyenas living in the wilderness but even though the place is not where they can naturally be found, it's still okay for the area is a sanctuary and they can't cause too much damage to the ecosystem. Lacey knows that nothing can go wrong there especially concerning poachers and she trusts that, but one day however she found something and that really changed her thoughts about the place!

Lacey found a big cage just sitting on the forest floor! She became very suspicious then for she doesn't have knowledge about a contraption being transported in the place, she is the coordinator there too and that's why everything must pass through her first. As she checks the contraption out, she found that its only door is locked, she examined it more and that's when she found-out that the only family of hyenas in the place are all trapped inside it! Lacey was on high alert then, she thought maybe the poachers have broke through the fences of the place and now they are beginning to take from the forest for profit! If so then how long have they been doing this and how much have they taken already? Lacey is now enraged and for that, she needs to open the cage and free the hyenas right-now. Escape players, want to help Lacey here free the hyenas whom she takes good care of in the forest? Begin now then so that the authorities can start finding those monsters.

Hyena Family Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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