Hut Hotel Room Escape Game

Hut Hotel Room Escape

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You were looking for a traditional house to stay in this countryside vacation of yours for you wanted to try something else other than the luxurious and modern hotel room, but well even though it is that of course he still wants the comfort to be there. You got what you wanted and came to stay in this old shack which was traditionally used by the locals, it was crude but at least it had everything and the experience which you so crave, have finally been fulfilled. But little did you know however, you are going to experience another thing and it was kind of an extra in the package.

You just got trapped in the room and because you are in the countryside, no matter how you called for help nobody came to help you! This is indeed quite an extra to the experience, well things can't be perfect all the time. Escape players, you'll just have to escape from there or just figure-out how to operate the doors for there could be a trick to it. Make use also of the things that's in the place to solve the problem quickly.

Hut Hotel Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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