Hunter Rabbit Escape

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There is a hunter rabbit living in the forest and he is far away from people. But people still make their way to him and actually, he was the friend of Marco who is a human. They are friends and as it seems, Marco is the only one he trusts, the rabbit is also a good friend and is quite funny with its jokes. That day however, that friendship of theirs is going to save the rabbit’s life, for it seems somebody is trying to fulfill a bounty on his head and now he is trapped inside a house in the town!

Lucky for the rabbit he was being held in the town where Marco lives, and when he by chance found his friend inside a house there he was confused, for he doesn’t want to get involved in people but now he is here? Eventually, Marco found-out what was happening and now he is on the rescue there. Escape players, Marco needs to be subtle here but quick, for he doesn’t want to make any noise and he must be fast for this could be the only chance he can rescue his friend. And so will you help him with that?

Hunter Rabbit Escape is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Hunter Rabbit Escape

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