Hunter House Escape Game

Hunter House Escape

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It's not yet hunting season but there are so many hunters in the forest. In fact, they rented house near the hunting spot for them to hunt the big animals first. However, you don't find hunting really appealing. You think that animals are hurting because of this type of leisure. In fact, you hate hunters so much. You don't want to get near them but you have to no choice but to knock on one hunter's house. You really need something to drink and that house is the closest one from where you are. The hunter lets you in but he left the house eventually. His place is actually nice until you saw animal heads posted on the wall. This is not the view that you want to see. It hurts your eyes and your heart as well.

You just want to get out from the hunter's house as soon as possible. The problem is, the door is locked. The owner of the house will come back in a few hours and you can't wait for that long. Therefore, you have to look for a way to escape on your own. Play Hunter House Escape outdoor escape game by NSR Games and gather items that you can use to open the door. Best of luck!

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