Hunter Escape From Pit

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Hunters are everywhere in this forest, they take in shelter in makeshift houses there and some are even permanent. As a local living there, Lars doesn’t know what to think of the hunters now living in the place, because for them living in this forest or not has its advantages and disadvantages, it will all weigh-down through the importance of the other though and which the local people can really benefit from. That day, Lars was roaming around the wilderness for he was on the hunt for food to eat, but as he passed-by a house there of one of the hunters, he saw there was some sort of trouble there!

Lars heard a call for help and when he checked where the sound was coming from he found a pit, and down there was the hunter calling for help! It was actually him that’s calling for help and Lars wondered why this hunter was digging a huge pit anyways. Well whatever the reason is he might come to know the reason later, for at the moment this guy cannot get out for the ladder he used had become broken and that’s why he can’t get out from the hole. Escape players, Lars is going to need a little help here in rescuing the hunter out from the pit. Will you be able to help and so that this guy can be safe?

Hunter Escape From Pit is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Hunter Escape From Pit


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