Hunted Eagle Escape Game

Hunted Eagle Escape

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Nobody knew about this, but you were there when the giant eagle was created. A group of scientist were working on a project when they didn't receive the support of company. They felt so humiliated that they promised to make something that won't let the company rest. Just then, a wounded eagle landed just outside of their lab. The eagle couldn't move properly and they were able to take it in. But instead of just healing the bird, they injected something to make it grow more than its normal size. You were there to help the bird as well but hid when you saw them pick it up. You got curious if they would really help it. And that was when you witness all of these. You couldn't help but shiver at the sight and you knew you had to escape fast.

Then the bird struck terror in the city. You just couldn't sit and wait for the bird to finish off all the good guys inside the building. So you volunteered to enter the building and help out with the situation. But you knew it wouldn't be very easy. Play Hunted Eagle Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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