Hungry Koala Bear Escape Game

Hungry Koala Bear Escape

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The forest where Vince lives is actually a sanctuary for slow animals, there are sloths, koalas, tortoises, and other animals that aren't really fast, and it so happens too that Vince lives in the area. That's why he was commissioned to take good care of the local animals so that they can thrive even though the place they are in is not really where they can be found naturally. And so Vince did just that, watching the area and making sure that the animals are well. But one day however there was an issue, for when Vince looked around and approached one of the tree-trunk houses there, he heard a scream which seems to have come from a koala!

Vince checked through the windows of the house and there he saw one of the koalas trapped inside it! Now Vince is kind of confused, he has no idea how did the koala get in there for the door was locked. He needs to get that animal out now and that is the main problem at the moment, for the door could not be opened and he doesn't know where the keys are! Vince was making haste now even though he doesn't know where to even start looking for them keys, maybe under a rock or back in his house he doesn't really know, but he needs to rescue that animal and that's what's in his mind right-now. Escape players, care to help Vince here so he can get the poor koala out?

Hungry Koala Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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