Hungry Bear Escape Game

Hungry Bear Escape

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You weren't really expecting find a bear inside the present. When he told you to open the present quickly, you thought your friend was referring to a dog or a cat. But what came out of the box was a baby bear. You couldn't contain your happiness and immediately hugged the tiny creature. It was a bit sleepy. So you let it have a few winks of sleep as you prepare your things. You planned to take the bear to the farm where it could be more comfortable. It was your first time bringing a bear inside the car and you wanted it to be smooth as possible. You looked at the bear and it was sleeping soundly. So you continued your preparations. After making sure that everything was set, you looked for the bear. However, it was not in the little bed where you left it.

You began searching through the house. You even tried calling it hoping the bear would respond. Yet you couldn't hear any noise that would lead you to the creature. Then you reached a closed door. You pressed your ear on the door to hear some soft scratching. The hungry bear must be trying to escape the room but it needed your help. Play Hungry Bear Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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