Humming Bird Rescue Game

Humming Bird Rescue

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The forest just boomed in activity now, not of wildlife and flora there, but because poachers have set different kinds of traps and Wilson who was a lone resident in that area, have been hiding in the shadows and freeing their catch every time a contraption successfully does so. This is one dangerous thing Wilson is doing, but he really thought about it at first and through those times, his conscience is really eating him, eventually he finally decided to do something about it for he can't just abandon an animal even though he sees it in some trouble. Wilson is doing this as slowly and gradually as possible, for he doesn't want to get caught by those armed invaders, and at that moment as he thought about it, he saw that one of the traps have captured yet another animal.

The animal that's trapped was a hummingbird, he already had freed a lot of them but it seems the traps are so successful that it catches every time. Wilson must get that one out too before it gets harvested, escape players come and join in this rescue here for a trapped bird in the forest. Accompany Wilson and keep your head down, for there might be a sight from a distance.

Humming Bird Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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