Humble Village Escape Game

Humble Village Escape

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There is a village in the forest and it's quite small that it cannot be noticed in a map, it's not even in some local maps, that's how small it is. But Oliver however knows the place for he had at least one family member who lived there once and now he is in the city. That day, Oliver wanted to return there for he thought he might have left something in the house where his relative lived, him too he thought he had left something before when he went there. And so, Oliver traveled to the place and it wasn't hard for him in getting there, but little did he know there is going to be some trouble as he roams around and he didn't expect it to happen at that time at all!

Oliver found his relative's house and gathered the stuff they were missing, it was indeed there, so he took them and went-out. Oliver still has a lot of time to spare so he spent it by roaming around and remember the times when he went there back then. The place haven't changed a thing, he never thought anything negative as he moves around the place, but that's when the unexpected thing happened, Oliver could no longer find his way and it seems that he had taken the wrong path! Oliver is pretty concerned now for beyond the village is a vast woodland which will take years to venture all of it, and there is only one way which can get him back! Escape players, how will you do this now if you are faced with the same situation as Oliver's?

Humble Village Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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