Humble Girl Escape Game

Humble Girl Escape

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Rowena is always a welcomed guest to her friend's house and that is how humble and kind her friend is even though she is just a small girl, her kindness was impeccable and Rowena decided to maybe give her something not to payback but as a sign of true friendship. Rowena arrives at her friend's house and as usual, she was greeted and welcomed with open arms. Rowena is now in the house of her friend and as they talked, her friend remembered something and that's why she went to her room to go get it, but then the next thing Rowena heard was a scream for help!

Rowena had a wide-eye at first for she didn't understand what was going-on, then she quickly ran for she recollected that her friend needs help! Rowena quickly went to the room where her friend was and the door was locked, that's actually the issue there, for the door would not open and her friend is trapped in the room. Rowena really don't know what she needs to do there, will she destroy the door so her friend can escape? Or make use of the things around the house to open the door? The latter decision sounds good, will you help Rowena on that escape players so that she can help her friend out?

Humble Girl Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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