Housekeeper Rescue Game

Housekeeper Rescue

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Try this rescue adventure here in the outskirts of town! Housekeeper Rescue is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun with us daily. Best of luck everyone.

Kieth owns this farm-house in the country-side and he just lets the caretaker do what needs to be done there as he accomplishes things in the city. One day however, he got a call from his caretaker for something was happening in the farm and he needs help! Kieth received a message at first but because he had a lot of things to do, he was not able to cater to it, but when a call came from his caretaker, there he had the knowledge that his caretaker was actually trapped in the farm-house for the doors in that place would not open no matter how hard he tried!

Hours actually went-by as the caretaker was trapped in the place, that only means that he is seriously trapped in there. Kieth arrives at the place after a few hours of driving and there the caretaker was indeed trapped in one of the farm-houses of his area. Kieth needs to rescue his caretaker there for all he knows he could be injured. Escape players, care to join in the rescue with Kieth and see if you can successfully make it through with everyone safe. Have fun everyone!

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