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House Without Key

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Leon's brother finally gave his old but luxurious house to him for he found a new place which was better. Leon was absolutely elated! For he had been told before that he'll receive the place from him someday and now he is actually finally owning it! The house is by the beach and it's really beautiful there. As he got to the place however, his brother was there so he can give the house to him personally, knowing him Leon thought there was something up for he can just give it without him even being present, he is also the prankster in the family and there is no wonder he won't pull something there, and Leon's instincts were indeed right.

Leon's brother told him that he can have the place but first, he needs to solve something and then he'll find it. It's pretty new that he gave a challenge, but not new at all in giving a catch on everything though. His brother's challenge was to find the keys of the house he just received, only then he can have the place for real, that's because he won't be able to enter without those keys. It is somewhere in the area and he needs to solve some puzzles to find it. Escape players, Leon gladly accepted the challenge for it's his new house is at stake here, will you help him out so he can finally live in the place and also, beating his brother's catch as well?

House Without Key is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by 5n Games.

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