From House To Home Escape

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From House To Home Escape is a point and click escape the room game by Demolacion for Sniff Mouse. Imagine in this game you are a schoolgirl who had been inviting your girlfriend to your house after the school for months in order to spend the afternoons together by chatting and do girlish things. As a consequence you started to get bad marks because you lavished your time with your girlfriend instead of learning during this time. Hence your mother banned to meet her again until you hadn’t amended your marks. On a sunny afternoon you didn’t have the mood to deal with the maths homework, solve the equations. You snatched up the phone and called her to come round to see you. You were spending hours together when suddenly you heared the door open. It was probably your mother who arrived home earlier from the work this day than it was expected. Find hidden objects and fit them together to find an other way out for your girlfriend before your mom notice her. Good luck!