House Finch Escape

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Your traps just captured an animal very close to you and goodness that was unfortunate that day. You live in the wilderness and by surviving with everything you can find in there and with the help of hunting and trapping. You also had this pet finch of yours which was smart and loyal, how you acquired it is a long story, but even then it is weird why the animal is loyal to you. It would act as a spotter to wild game and it would tell you where to go thanks to its field of vision when it is flying. But that day though, something will happen to this bird and you just can’t believe it was your doing that did it!

Well your traps technically did it, but you are the human and moving it is your doing. That’s why when the finch got accidentally trapped in one of those, your concern was double for not only that your pet is trapped, you couldn’t find the key to the cage as well! Okay, you really need to find it now and it’s most likely inside the house somewhere. Escape players, you are now in this situation which you must solve for the safety of your pet finch, will you be able to find things that can open the cage without damaging it?

House Finch Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for House Finch Escape


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