House Cave Escape Game

House Cave Escape

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House Cave Escape is a point 'n click game from The Escape Games. Imagine your parents decided to move to a smaller house because the actual was too big for them and they couldn't cope with cleaning this size anymore. You promised them to go over and help them pack their stuffs. So on a sunny friday afternoon after the work you headed to your old home and started to pack the boxes with the old pictures and souvenirs. Suddenly you glanced a picture which was taken in the basement of the house. Your father was on the picture and he was holding a treasure box. You decided to went down to the cellar in order to find that item. You were fumbling around for hours when suddenly the door behind you shut. You went to check what was behinf this but found it locked. Search for clues around you and use them to get out somehow. Good luck and have fun!



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