Hotel Escape (Games 4 Escape)

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Hotel Escape is a brand new point and click building escape game from Games 4 Escape. Enjoy another escape here from a weird situation at the hotel!

Trina arrived in the city for her friends held a thanksgiving party there for the day. As the event was over, everyone was delighted as they all go home, but Trina decided to stay in the city though in a hotel for she has a busy day right-after, she didn’t want to stay in her friend’s who was the party-holder for there are already a lot of people sleeping-over and she doesn’t want to bother anyone when she’s going to go early that morning. Trina finally arrived at the hotel and she chose a luxurious one, but as she set-foot in there she realized that there was no welcoming employees and also, there was absolutely nobody there!

Trina was getting really tired and frustrated for no matter how hard she called and rang the bell, nobody would tend to her. She just wants to get a room and rest but this seems to be impossible in this place. As she decides to leave the hotel however, she realized something really bad for the doors could not be opened no more! Escape players, Trina is experiencing something very weird here for first there’s nobody in the place and now, she is trapped in the establishment? There’s something definitely going-on in this place, join in the hotel escape here everyone, place yourself on the situation of Trina and see if you can get this done safely and find another hotel too. Good luck and have fun!