Hot Island Escape Game

Hot Island Escape

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Finally at long last, the island that Roger was trying to reach was finally beneath his feet. He had long since read about a mysterious island which had a deep jungle and a beautiful white-sand shore. That's one thing Roger wanted to see for himself, but what's more beautiful is the hidden treasure which had been hid there in the medieval times. That's Roger's aim and now that he is there, he can now begin his tropical island adventure for the treasure that is hidden in that place somewhere.

There is a huge chance to get lost, but it's an island though and if one ever gets lost then he or she should just travel in any direction and they will reach the shore eventually. That's just one risk Roger is facing, others are potentially dangerous wild animals in the place and old traps that had been set there for looters. What about tribal settlements? That's one too, but unlikely for if there was one then Roger would have known that by now. Escape players, will you join Roger here on this island adventure and escape if it's absolutely necessary? Come along then and try your very best!

Hot Island Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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