Hot Bat Woman Escape

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Of course Albert knows the identity of bat woman, that’s why he will be going to her house that day for something had happened and means to communicate instantly was disrupted. Albert needs to gather everyone who was assigned to him by the master and one of them was bat woman. Well little did he know he isn’t going to just pick her from her home, but also help her with something for she was currently in some trouble!

Albert entered the house like a ninja, he knows she is in her room sleeping and he will be entering without causing a ruckus. Well she actually was not sleeping, in fact she had already suited-up and is actually trapped in her room! Albert immediately brought this to a serious problem for like the master, bat woman is also quite intelligent and adept, so for a door to lock her in is quite surreal. Something else might be happening here and that’s why she can’t get out. Escape players, imagine you are Albert here, will you be able to help bat woman out with this mysterious problem now?

Hot Bat Woman Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Hot Bat Woman Escape

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