Hospital Worker Escape Game

Hospital Worker Escape

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In the remote village where one has to travel several hours to get to the nearest city, medical care and other modern stuff can be scarce in that place thanks to the distance and the frequency of the weekly supply run done by the fitness team whenever they decide to take a journey to the city, they would do a run and come back bringing some supplies at the same time, it's definitely a two birds with one stone finish. But people could not deny that their medical stuff are hard to get by and the only professional help they can get if something happens is from the hospital worker which was now stationed in the village by the government.

The people absolutely respect the worker for he had saved a lot of lives from different patch-ups before, from accidents to diseases, he had fixed that. One of the persons he patched-up was Daniel and he was definitely thankful, for he had saved his life after that accident. One day however, things are going to turn around for nobody really realized that Daniel was the one going to be giving the help to the worker and it's absolutely unexpected. The hospital worker got trapped inside the house where he was staying in and he needs help! It's a good thing Daniel heard him and as well as you escape players.

Want to join the rescue here with Daniel and save a person who was vital to the village? Hospital Worker Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game released by Avm Games.

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