Hospital Corridor Escape Game

Hospital Corridor Escape

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Hospital Corridor Escape is a brand new point and click building escape game released by Genie Fun Games for more dose of fun escapes from a place of healing. Have Fun!

Morey visited his friend at the hospital that day, for he had just went through an operation after that car accident and luckily, he is now safe. Well Morey isn't going to be though, for something very weird happened the moment he set his foot out of his friend's room after the visit. Morey went outside and he saw how quiet the hospital was now, there was nobody there and he didn't really care, he just proceeded downstairs. But then there is this very weird occurrence that whenever he descends another floor, he would always come back to the same floor his friend's room was in!

It's like a nightmare for he kept trying numerous times to get to ground floor but unfortunately he couldn't. He even tried doors there but none would open. Something very weird is happening here and also because he can see nobody else since he left his friend's room, he couldn't get help from anybody. Well escape players, what would you do if you're faced with a situation such as this where you are stuck in a floor in a building which suddenly got mysteriously abandoned? Come and join here then. Good luck!

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