Horse Rescue Game

Horse Rescue

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People in the village are getting very concerned for their animals are going missing one by one! This occurrence brings in a slew of different emotions and some are even getting scared of this. As the problem worsens, they all decided to finally seek the help of a tracker who has a dog and everyone can bet they are very successful in finding stuff. They will be perfect for this, but even still the people doubts he'll be able to find their missing animals alive.

That tracker is Reynaldo and he knows his skill of tracking is good, it becomes even better when his dog gets involved. That day, Reynaldo accepted the task and definitely he can really place his money where his mouth was, for he found one of the horses that were missing and his findings are a lot weirder than he had expected! Reynaldo found the horse trapped in some house, it doesn't look like a friendly place and it is likely that this person living there have stolen the horse, probably the other animals as well! But Reynaldo cannot jump into conclusions, maybe he'll free the horse himself first for at the moment there seems to be nobody around. Escape players, want to help Reynaldo here do something by rescuing the horse?

Horse Rescue is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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