Horse Cattle Farm Game

Horse Cattle Farm

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Who would've thought that such a gruesome event could take place in this peaceful place. And what baffled you more was the fact that the clues led to a minor. Everyone was speculating as to the reason why. However, you were very sure that all these will clear out. So you proceeded with your mission of finding the answers to the strange events. You were still in the farm looking into every detail you could possibly get your hands on. Even if your comrades were pushing you to put an end on it already. There was just something about the mysteries that you couldn't let it go so easily. Yet with your determined mind, came challenges. The challenges were coming one after the other that you almost thought of giving up. Then again, you knew it wouldn't do any good to the case and to yourself.

So you pushed forward with every little bit of motivation you had. It was a struggle but you started to see the situation in a different light. And you were able to find more items that would shed light on the mystery you were working on. Play Horse Cattle Farm outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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