Horror Fort Escape Game

Horror Fort Escape

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It is late night and there is no place where you can stay in. The only thing that you can see is the fort. With this fort, you can be safe throughout the night so you went inside. You thought that you are the only one in this fort but you heard something. It sounds like someone whispering in addition to the sough. It sounds creepy but what scared you the most is the thing that you saw. You saw a ghost in this fort and all of your hairs stood up because of that. The only thing that you can think of is to escape from this horror fort. However, that is not an easy thing to do. The door won't open. The thing that can open the door is the key. But the problem is, you don't know where the key is.

On the good note, there are clues that can help you to find the missing key. You just have to be brave because there are so many scary things going on in this fort. Horror Fort Escape is a brand new point n' click outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape that will test your logic. Good luck!

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