Horror Forest Escape

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Try your skills and logic on this scary forest escape adventure! Horror Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Selfdefiant. Good luck!

The lush mountainous forest is what Mark is aiming for because his friends just keeps telling him on how beautiful the place really is, but they did gave him one warning and that is not to go further than there, they didn’t explain it well but Mark kept his friends’ warnings. Mark was alone in his adventure here and he just plans to circle a bit then get back to camp before the sun goes down. Well unfortunately the forest has it’s mysterious qualities and for this one, it swayed Mark from the right path and that led him to the forest which his friends have been warning him about!

Mark noticed that he is not on the right forest now for some strange things started appearing and the aura is just dark. He needs to get back right-now for the sun had already set and it’s only going to get darker soon! Escape players, come join on this scary forest escape here with Mark, maintain focus so your skills and logic will be useful on this escape. Have fun!

Walkthrough video for Horror Forest Escape


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