Horror Escape - 4 Game

Horror Escape - 4

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Eve has on her hands a very dangerous mission and that is to find a magical stone which was a part of the puzzle that she was trying to form. She had already collected the previous parts and the next one here is the stone, what concerns her the most about this mission is the place however, for it is not just any normal place one can just go to, it is a haunted village and people tend not to go deeper in there for there are a lot of rumors that a hag lives somewhere in that place and that one has some strange powers indeed. Eve doesn't have a choice though and she must carry this out for that stone is one and only.

Escape players, want to join Eve here once again on this search for an item which is potentially being guarded by a witch and darkness? Place yourself on Eve's situation then, ready yourselves for there are horrors in that place which will try to stop you and most will not be pleasant.

Horror Escape - 4 is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel.

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