Hoopoe Escape

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Even though the illegal hunter who once lived in a small house there in the wilderness had been taken away for his illegal activities and conniving with poachers, his traps around the area are still working! That day one of it had managed to even capture something again and this time it’s an endangered animal in the area!

That day as an officer, Elvis was freeing some of the animals that had been captured upon checking them up for injuries. He was also confiscating some hides and animal busts which was hidden in a part of the house there that hadn’t been declared. It was then he found that trapped hoopoe bird! One of this hunter’s traps captured a hoopoe bird and such an animal is quite hard to find now in the area. That’s all thanks to their activities and really those guys must be stopped completely. The animal seems fine and healthy even, right-now their facility is full so he has no choice but to free the animal to where it belongs, but the cage was kind of hard to open though and Elvis is going to need some help here. Escape players, will you give him a hand then on the rescue for the animal?

Hoopoe Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games2Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Hoopoe Escape


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