Hooda Room Escape 3 Game

Hooda Room Escape 3

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Anatol Hooda is back in business. He ruled the 90% of the Capor Logistics until 2010. This company was the leader on the market, almost every company worked with them if they wanted to transport something. You can imagine how huge power Hooda had. You can also imagine that this type of power can't be hold with fair trade and good will. He needed to eliminate a lot of other people who stood in his way. In 2010, something happened. A young man, Antonio Baracci, took over the company and Hooda disapperaed without trace. Some says his life was in danger and he could only avoid death by disappearing. You heard rumors about that he's back. You have to make sure and ask him to let you work for him. You could learn a lit. He's supposed to be in this house, but it's empty. Although, something's suspicious here...

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