Hooda Escape Florida

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Florida! Home of the theme parks! Your uncle owns a theme park in Florida called Ocean World. You are so lucky because you can go there anytime for free. It was the park’s anniversary so you went to celebrate with your uncle. It’s indeed a great day for everyone and so many people came to celebrate. Because there are so many guests to accommodate, you have to help the staff. You went back and forth to accomplish the errands. What’s seems to be an enjoyable day for you became a very tiring day. But the day is not yet over, there are still people who want to join the party. This mean, more errands are coming for you. You are so tired. You just want to go home but you can’t pass through the gate.

The whole park is close until the fireworks display is over. You can’t wait anymore for that so you have to look for a way to escape from Florida and go back home. Roam around the park and find clues on how you can escape. Don’t let your uncle see you! Hooda Escape Florida is the brand new point and click outdoor escape game made by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. Good luck!